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Less widely distributed than the Oriental Cockroach. In temperate climates, P. americana is limited to heated buildings and port facilities. Distribution in warm climates is wide. Drains, sewers bins and refuse areas provide habitat in these areas


Incomplete metamorphosis life cycle. Oothecae are produced at 4 - 7 day intervals and are held by the female for approx. 24 hours before being deposited. Hatch will occur at 1 month under optimum conditions. Oothecae generally contain 16 eggs. Nymphs pass through an average of 10 instars. Life span extends up to 1 year.

Pest Status

Due to it's need for heated conditions in temperate zones, P. americana is generally limited to animal houses, zoos, greenhouses and other constantly heated premises. In warmer areas, no such restrictions apply, although in the US the German Cockroach is the main Dictyopteran pest.


As with all cockroach control programmes, an integrated approach involving the use of monitoring traps, insecticidal baits and well targeted use of contact insecticides where appropriate is recommended. Night time inspections may be necessary in difficult to control infestation situations in order to identify key harbourage areas. Harbourage denial and proofing are also effective.


Oriental Cockroach


German Cockroach


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