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The adult moth has a body length of between 3.5 – 4mm and a wingspan of 10-15mm. The general appearance is very similar to that of the clothes moth Tineola Bisselliella.


The adult female lays eggs and attaches them to the substrate with a glue like substance. The eggs are distinctive in their appearance having clear longitudinal ridges. The larva emerges from the egg, constructs its silken case and proceeds to feed. Once mature the larva seals both ends of the case with silk and pupates within the case. The adult emerges from the pupal case. The adult moth lives for around 2-3 weeks.

Pest Status

The Case-Bearing clothes moth is a serious pest when it is encountered feeding on a wide variety of material of animal origin such as woolens, furs, etc. Damage from larval feeding can be severe and the larvae are often difficult to detect. Typical damage occurs to ‘neglected; areas such as carpet edging and under furniture.


All carpeted areas and soft furnishings should be treated. They may be found in association with birds nests, the roof space should be examined and treated if necessary.

Common Clothes Moth


Flour Moth


Indian Meal Moth


Warehouse Moth


White Shouldered Moth


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