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Found in many parts of the world, and prevalent in North and Western Europe, often in close association with man and the urban / industrial environment. This species is social and exists in colonies of many thousand. Typically, colonies or nests are situated underground or otherwise sheltered and difficult to access.


Generally, ants are found in colonies, where highly complex social behaviour allows the group of insects to succeed in situations where an individual would not. Caste systems have evolved in many species, with specialised members suited to particular tasks, such as foraging or defence.

Pest Status

Primarily a nuisance pest, this species does not pose a significant threat to public health. Workers may forage for food, and in doing so create a problem by their presence but it should be noted that their behaviour does not lead to the same degree of problems caused by dirtier insects such as cockroaches and flies.


Control strategies will vary for different species of ant, however, due to the social behaviour of ants, fast acting and residual treatment should be avoided. Best chances of success are achieved with slow acting baits which may be transferred to the reproductives by foraging workers.

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