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Originally a pest of corn or "Indian Meal" in the US, this species has been regularly imported in cargoes to the major ports and warehouses for stored products around the world. Endemic populations continue to survive in food storage facilities in both warm and temperate climates.


The female lays an average 150-200 eggs but may produce up to 500. In common with other insects, development times are influenced by temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, quantity & quality of food. The following figures are therefore only a guide. Number of days spent as:

Egg 2-8
Larva 13-288
Adult 7-43

Pest Status

These moths are a common stored product insect attacking cereal products, oil seeds, cocoa beans, dried fruit & nuts. They may also be found on dried vegetables, confectionary etc. Rice is frequently attacked.


Treatment consists of finding the source of the infestation. Any infested commodities should be destroyed. The area should be thoroughly cleaned and then a residual insecticide applied. Pheromone traps should be utilized to determine the extent of infestation and the efficacy of any control measures.

Case Bearing Clothes Moth


Common Clothes Moth


Flour Moth


Warehouse Moth


White Shouldered Moth


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